rhapsody Pay: Veterinary Payment Solution

rhapsody Pay: Veterinary Payment Solution

Be accurate, consistent, and quick with fully integrated mobile payments

Rhapsody Pay improves the payment experience for both you and your clients by smoothly powering your practice’s card processing.

rhapsody Pay payment device screen
We gave payment processing a makeover.

An effective payment solution gives clients security without sacrificing practice revenue. 

What does an efficient, modern, and comprehensive payment solution look like?
Rhapsody Pay is easy to set up and even easier to use

Rhapsody Pay incorporates the software cost and merchant services into one process

Set up your payment plan

rhapsody Pay set up screenshot

Rhapsody Pay incorporates your software cost, so they’re set up together

Register with First American during onboarding

Store client’s payment information in our PCI-certified vault with Rhapsody Go (optional)

Add a service fee to recoup 70% of processing fees with Rhapsody Pass (optional)

Set up the Rhapsody Pay app

screenshot of rhapsody Pay on mobile device

You receive the A-60 terminal(s) after registration

Create a PIN to keep the terminal secure

Activate card and contactless payments in the terminal

Securely process payments

rhapsody Pay charge card screenshot

When an invoice is ready, one click sends it to the terminal

Clients review the invoice, pay, and sign on the spot

Keep terminals at reception, in the exam room, or anywhere with easy access

Wrap the terminal in plastic if you’re practicing social distancing

Accept payments over the phone

Clients sign and go if their payment details are stored in rhapsody

Everything else is done for you

rhapsody Pay past payment screenshot

Invoices and estimates are auto-generated by the SOAP

Paid invoices are updated and recorded in rhapsody

Declined invoice items are still recorded in rhapsody



In action

Behind the scenes

A brief recap how Rhapsody Pay improves the day-to-day for every team member