Self-serve Veterinary Check-in Software

Self-serve Veterinary Check-in Software

Streamline patient intake with client self check-in

The Kiosk lightens the front desk workload and improves client experience. Set up a self-serve device for clients to check-in, join a waitlist, or book a future appointment.

rhapsody veterinary software self check-in kiosk
We gave checking in a makeover

An effective check-in flow is functional for both clients and staff without wasting time.

What does a smooth check-in process look like?
The Kiosk is easy to set up and even easier to use

The Kiosk combines check-in, patient intake, and EMR upkeep into one flexible process. 

Set up check-in and online scheduling

rhapsody veterinary software self check-in kiosk: customize scheduling screen

Choose how your practice handles client-scheduled appointments

Add a Kiosk widget to your website for clients to schedule online

Add a waitlist option and choose when clients are able to join 

Set up the Kiosk link for clients to check-in from personal devices

Set up patient paperwork

rhapsody veterinary software self check-in kiosk: document screen

Integrate questions, forms, and any other patient intake content

Configure paperwork based on patient and appointment type

Choose if questions are asked at check-in or during the appointment.

Set up the kiosk

rhapsody veterinary software self check-in kiosk

Customize your Kiosk’s colors and logo to match your practice

Set up the Kiosk on any device, but we suggest a tablet on a stand

Everything else is done for you

rhapsody veterinary software self check-in kiosk: all checked in screen

The Kiosk is fully integrated, so it automatically updates

The schedule  updates appointments based on Kiosk activity 

The Catalog attaches paperwork to the correct patient/appointment 

The patient record stores all previous paperwork

The SOAP updates with information from filled out paperwork



In action

Behind the scenes

A brief recap how the Kiosk will improve the day-to-day for every team member