Streamline patient intake with client self check-in

The Kiosk lightens the front desk workload and improves client experience. Set up a self-serve device for clients to check-in, join a waitlist, or book a future appointment.


We gave checking in a makeover

An effective check-in flow is functional for both clients and staff without wasting time.

What does a smooth check-in process look like?
  • All walk-in, scheduled, new, or existing clients check themselves in
  • Front desk staff is on hand to greet clients and answer any tough questions
  • Clients update and confirm basic information to keep records up to date
  • Clients digitally sign and fill out digital intake paperwork, forms, and surveys at check-in
  • All completed paperwork automatically updates the SOAP and the patient's EMR
  • Once check-in is complete, the scheduler automatically updates appointment status
  • Doctors use exam time for what matters instead of asking already answered questions
  • Records are always accurate because you're no longer transcribing illegible handwriting
  • Set up waitlists to ensure walk-in patients still receive care
  • Use a mobile device for the flexibility of choosing where and how to practice

The Kiosk is easy to set up and even easier to use

The Kiosk combines check-in, patient intake, and EMR upkeep into one flexible process. 

Set up check-in and online scheduling

Customize Scheduling

Choose how your practice handles client-scheduled appointments

Add a Kiosk widget to your website for clients to schedule online

Add a waitlist option and choose when clients are able to join 

Set up the Kiosk link for clients to check-in from personal devices

Set up patient paperwork

Kiosk Documents

Integrate questions, forms, and any other patient intake content

Configure paperwork based on patient and appointment type

Choose if questions are asked at check-in or during the appointment.

Set up the kiosk

Kiosk set up

Customize your Kiosk’s colors and logo to match your practice

Set up the Kiosk on any device, but we suggest a tablet on a stand

Everything else is done for you

The Kiosk is fully integrated, so it automatically updates

The schedule  updates appointments based on Kiosk activity 

The Catalog attaches paperwork to the correct patient/appointment 

The patient record stores all previous paperwork

The SOAP updates with information from filled out paperwork



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In action

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Behind the scenes

A brief recap how the Kiosk will improve the day-to-day for every team member


  • Redirect check-in to a self-serve device so clients do it themselves
  • Implement online scheduling to spend less time on the phone
  • Implement check-in links to decrease reception crowds
  • Incorporate digital intake forms into the Kiosk to avoid manually inputting illegible forms
  • Greet clients and answer any tough questions
  • Facilitate the schedule and keep everyone on track


  • Review intake paperwork in the patient's SOAP before the appointment even begins
  • Reference previous patient paperwork directly in the SOAP
  • Conduct an efficient exam and provide the best level of care possible


  • Streamline practice activity by configuring paperwork in the Catalog ahead of time
  • Use the waitlist to push business during gaps in the schedule
  • Track doctors' success and patients' health with accurate and updated EMRs
  • Review overall data in reporting and adjust accordingly to improve practice performance