SOAP yourself: A self-care guide for veterinary professionals

Anyone see that meme going around about how the new self-care is talking to yourself the way you talk to your pet? Well, as veterinary professionals, we can take it a step further. Let’s take care of ourselves, and our team, the way we take care of every pet that comes through the practice door.

It’s time to SOAP yourself. We put this guide together using rhapsody’s SOAP (a more thorough and all-inclusive version of the SOAP you know). Read it, implement it, and share it!



Taking the time to focus on yourself is the first step, but it’s often the most difficult. Practices run on such hectic schedules that even squeezing in a few minutes is challenging. So be deliberate. Think of yourself as a scientist gathering data to solve a problem: you need to schedule lab time.



Ask yourself the necessary questions. Check in emotionally and physically.


Check in with yourself using Brené Brown’s exercise, the Vowel Check



Focus on the here and now. Emphasizing the mind-body connection pulls us out of emotionally driven thought patterns. Sometimes, our vital signs are the most vital signs of how we’re really doing.



Now dig a little deeper. Do you know what you’re feeling? Mindfulness is a continuous process of connecting the body and mind. And, sometimes, it takes time to really understand whether everything is within normal limits or if anything is outside normal limits and needs your attention. 


Differential Dx

Time to make some conclusions. Unfortunately, wellbeing is an ongoing process and doesn’t end with anything definite. Instead, focus on what you notice, what’s working, and what needs attention. 


Order & To Do

Ready to convert your answers into actionable items? Maybe it’s little adjustments towards a healthier lifestyle. Or, maybe it’s implementing bigger changes like improving work-life balance or deciding it’s time to talk to someone.  


Wrap up & Check-out

Before you take action, set yourself up for success. Think of it as your own personal wellness plan. 

Kristina Guldbrand
Kristina Guldbrand
Customer Success Manager

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Kristina Guldbrand is rhapsody’s customer success manager. She is also a trained and certified leadership coach with a focus on facilitating team building, leadership, and wellbeing for veterinary practices.  

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