SOAP in action

We gave SOAPing a makeover

We define a SOAP as an all-encompassing process that cohesively brings together every stage of a patient visit. It’s better, powerful, and way more than just a SOAP.

SOAP findings

Not your average SOAP

An effective SOAP smoothly combines every step of the exam workflow from creating an appointment to following up with a patient.

Navigate our SOAP

Main screen


Appointment overview, estimates, and attachments


Intake questions grouped by exam, at home, and check-in


Separate space to record vitals


Record findings from the global catalog

Differential Dx

Make diagnoses from the global catalog


Prepare recommended care

To Do

Organize tasks, set deadlines, and assign team members


Review the visit, schedule future ones, and check reminders


Process payments and changes appointment status

Right rail


Patient overview with alerts always visible


Add to medical and discharge notes throughout the visit


Filter through the entire patient history


View all SOAP attachments

Top menu


A tidy way to record after the appointment

Print label

Access Dymo label printer

Report Card

Document auto-filled from the SOAP for client follow up 


Check the invoice for the current appointment


Create an estimate or import an existing one

New task

Another place to create a new task

The rhapsody SOAP

Exam prep
Starting a SOAP

Start SOAPing

Open a new SOAP through an appointment, either in the scheduler or the patient timeline.

Check appointment details and any attachments, all pre-populated with information from the Scheduler, Kiosk, and Catalog.

SOAP history

Record the history

Look over the questions already answered at check-in, and ask all the questions specified for the exam.

Intake questions are configured based on patient characteristics, appointment type, and when to ask it. That way, the right question always pop up for the right patient, during the right appointment, at the right time.

Take those vitals

Input vitals, separately from the exam. If needed, add and edit them throughout the appointment. Every inputted vital is timestamped for ultimate accuracy.

And don’t worry about losing information, you’re prompted to save the vitals before moving on.

The exam

Begin the exam

Scroll through a list of findings based on AAHA standards. Don’t know AAHA? Just use the universal search to find what you need

Toggle items as you examine patients. Findings marked outside normal limits prompts a drop down list with more items to mark and a space to type or insert pre-configured notes

SOAP differential diagnoses

Time to make some conclusions

Filter and search through the list of diagnoses based on AAHA standards

Select items, mark if suspected, confirmed, or ruled out, and add details by typing or inserting pre-configured notes

SOAP order

Organize recommended care

Select tests, vaccines, and procedures individually from the global catalog. Or, select bundles, pre-fixed menus for specific diagnoses, and amend as needed

Review all recommended care and the cost with the client as they approve or decline each item

Everything, including declined items, is updated in the patient history, Report Card, and the invoice

Finishing up
SOAP tasks

Review the plan of action

Organize any remaining tasks like ordering medication, performing a procedure, or calling the client. Assign it to team members and set deadlines to stay on track.

Review discharge notes (updated from the SOAP), schedule future appointments, and address any existing reminders.

SOAP check out


Send the invoice to the terminal for clients to pay and sign. 

Processed payments are automatically reflected in rhapsody.

After the visit

Complete outstanding tasks and send a Report Card, the visit summary, to the client. The Report Card is auto-filled from the SOAP and easy to edit.

If a patient is staying at the hospital and needs a new SOAP, just add it to this appointment.