Normalizing your Veterinary Practice Data

Normalizing your Veterinary Practice Data with rhapsody

When data isn’t normalized, it’s easy to mix up your bulldogs with your shih tzus. But that leaves you with nothing but BS.

Think of your actual practice. If the place were a mess, would you be able to run an efficient business? 

You software houses your virtual practice. If the platform is unable to sustain an organized system, then your virtual practice is a virtual mess. And your actual practice suffers.

By implementing a system designed to record, store, track, and manage data with ease, your practice is set up for success.

Rhapsody cleans up the BS.

This is your journey from bad data to a functional system, as told by '80s pop songs.

We're not gonna take it

Getting ready to switch to rhapsody is all about attitude. Be ready for change. Be willing to adapt, adopt, and eliminate habits. Most importantly, be pumped to take your practice to the next level.

Your Attitude Contract

I solemnly commit that I'm not gonna take:
Another one bites the dust

Change doesn’t just happen. Change is triggered. And in the veterinary space, that usually means the workarounds, implemented to uphold an outdated system, stop working.

There are many ways systems give out on us. Servers crash, overhead costs crush, or client compliance decreases. But sometimes, systems are failing far less visibly. 

Rhapsody implements a system from the get-go that keeps your data clean, contained, and easily maintained. So not only does your practice succeed now, but you’re prepared to succeed in the future.

We blind you with science & hit you with technology

Time to rhapsody it up! We use technology to bring the science behind veterinary medicine to the forefront.

The science

Rhapsody eliminates freeform data entry, instead opting for pre-determined catalogs to keep your data organized, contained, and easily maintained. We use science to determine what matters and categorize accordingly.

The technology

Technology is the means to to implement a system to house your practice’s data.


The process 

Data migration starts with a deep clean to get a clear picture of active and useful data. then the data is mapped against rhapsody’s global inventory catalog.


The tool

The Rhapsody Matcher is a custom-built migration tool that not only converts data to rhapsody, but cleans errors, omissions, duplications and corruptions. Findings include:


You can see clearly now

Rhapsody automates everyday processes, eliminates paper, and reduces typing. It enforces a system that keeps your data organized for the long haul.

By handling data differently, rhapsody transforms every workflow.

And so your journey from bad data to a functional system concludes. Bulldogs are bulldogs. Shih tzus are shih tzus. And, turns out,  ’80s pop songs are the key to understanding the value of good data.