Prepping your Veterinary Practice for COVID-19

Prep Your Veterinary Practice for COVID-19 with rhapsody

COVID-19 forced many of us to rethink how we run our practices, but rhapsody’s portable and paperless platform makes social distancing kind of a breeze. 

We’re always evolving to fit what you need, so you’re prepared to thrive in the current climate and to hit the ground running as things return to normal.

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Rhapsody to the rescue

Save money with better software

To prove our commitment to your success, we incorporated our software costs with client payments. The rest is on the house, including the entire platform, migration, training, and support 

Your data is migrated better and stronger than before

When we migrate your data, we do a deep clean and normalize it into a global catalog. That way, you’re able to focus on data that matters and convert it into meaningful action

It's a team effort

We’re rooting for you, so rhapsody comes with unlimited support and extensive training for free

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Do it with rhapsody

Found yourself living out some unfamiliar situations? Visualize them with rhapsody features

In action
Work from the practice
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Online scheduling

Activate online scheduling for clients to book appointments or join waitlists themselves 

Set up check-in outside

Set up a self-serve mobile device in the parking lot for clients to check in to appointments. The scheduler automatically updates the client’s status

Switch to a tablet

Fill out the SOAP in real time as you collect, weigh, and examine patients as well as invoice clients right in the exam room

Process payments in the exam room

Keep a payment terminal in the exam room so clients are able to pay in private

In action
Work from the parking lot
rhapsody vet software work from your car SOAP screenshot

Send clients a check-in link

Before an appointment, send clients a check-in link to fill out intake paperwork and sign forms from the comfort of their home or car

Chat with pet parents during the appointment

Start a chat with pet parents during the exam. Just pop it open in the SOAP so you’re able to talk and examine at the same time

Process the payment with the client in the car

Pop some plastic over the mobile payment terminal and bring it out to the car for clients to complete a card or contactless payment

In action
Work from home
rhapsody vet software work from home SOAP screenshot

Schedule online

Manage the schedule from home 

Add the scheduling widget to your website for clients to book a virtual appointment

Send clients instructions in advance

Once booked, send the client an email with instructions, a meeting invitation, and a check-in link

Process payments over the phone

Charge clients remotely by filling out payment information on the call

Send clients a visit summary

Customize the summary auto-populated by the patient’s SOAP 

Attach any documents and send it after the appointment

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All-star features
Travel light
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Everything from patient history to paperwork to prescriptions is available to view, edit, create, and sign digitally

Stay in contact

Communicate with clients. Send in a prescription to fill. Share records with a referral. Log a follow-up phone call. Do it all directly in the platform


Keep it moving
rhapsody vet software screenshots of mobile and desktop login

Choose your device

Carry a tablet between exam rooms or pick up where you left off at home on your laptop. Rhapsody is in your hands, wherever you are

Get paid anywhere

Payments are integrated with the platform for a smooth transition from invoice to payment. Processed payments are automatically recorded

Securely store client’s payment details so they just sign and go

Use the hand-held terminals to accept card and contactless payments in the parking lot, in the exam room, or even over the phone

Social distance
rhapsody vet software social distancing

Flexible scheduling right in the platform

Manage all your appointments from home, the parking lot, or on the go

Enable online scheduling so clients book appointments themselves

Track patient status from check-in to checkout 

Minimize contact by assigning tasks and treatments to patients in advance


Clients check in and fill out any intake documentation themselves

Set up a standalone device in the parking lot

Or, send clients a link to check in from their phones ahead of time

Virtual appointments

Schedule telehealth visits by choosing from five new appointment types

Email clients instructions, meeting details, and the check-in link

Activate telehealth appointments for online scheduling

Chat to clients as you SOAP