Rhapsody Analytics

It's raining data

Your practice is made up of a lot of data. Rhapsody Analytics consolidates and standardizes all of it so that it’s actually usable.

rhapsody analytics

Understand your practice. Then transform it.

The overview

Moving day for your data

Once installed, rhapsody’s Wizard is configured to pull data to rhapsody’s cloud automatically.

Rhapsody sends in the cleaning crew

The Rhapsody Matcher is custom built to convert your data, keep what’s active & useful, and map it to the global inventory catalog.

Unlock intelligent analytics

Consult countless powerful reports to drive your business forward (check out a sneak peak of some of our favorite reports below).

Take it beyond practice doors

We leverage data companies to build heatmaps for insight into local demographics.

See your data anytime

Your data is encrypted, secured, and backed up. But it’s always accessible via our reporting tools or public API.

Sneak peek

Built-in KPIs and dashboards

Patient lifetime value & revenue forecasting

Analyze patient lifetime value by species, age, and history. Forecast future revenue based on lifetime value and booking rates.

Forward booking 

Track operational health based on gross forward bookings and forward booking rates. Quickly build CRM lists with targeted outreach to book clients from reminders and purchase history.

Marketing funnel

Track client referral sources and marketing spend by channel. Optimize your marketing ROI based on booked appointments and revenue

Schedule and staff management

Optimize for what actually happens during the day. Rhapsody tracks staffing, wait times, actual start times, and appointment durations.

group benchmarks

Group benchmarking

Quickly compare pricing and performance across all locations. Evaluate under/over performance against your own goals for key KPIs.

revenue drivers

Revenue drivers

Evaluate revenue and profitability across locations, categories, and specific line items. Discover sales trends for what’s working or not working.

inventory management

Inventory management

Optimize against reorder points minimum order quantities. Keep track of total working capital across locations, and audit wastage.

medical insights

Medical insights

Receive insights on vital trends, common diagnoses, exam findings, and patient demographics. Discover opportunities to serve patients.

You don't need rhapsody to use Rhapsody Analytics

If you want to get to know the rhapsody SOAP a bit better, check our our feature or schedule a demo!

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