Getting Started with rhapsody Vet Software

Getting Started with rhapsody Veterinary Software

Here's what to expect

This is your rhapsody journey, from discovery to joining the family. Ready?



You hear about us

Maybe you read about us online. Or a friend recommends us. Maybe we reached out to you ourselves. You’re interested and ready to learn more


Create a rhapsody account and explore the platform with our sample data

Demo with us

Walk through the entire platform with our Head of Sales, Katie and discuss our solutions to any issues with your current software

We follow up

After your demo, Katie sends you an email with your account information and to follow up on any questions


to play

Find out how much you save with us

We draft a report comparing your current costs to rhapsody costs

In exchange for using our merchant services (Rhapsody Pay), the entire platform and rhapsody experience is included. As a result, most practices save with us and get better software

Meet your migration manager

Your migration manager makes your ride to rhapsody as comfortable as possible. They schedule training, handle migration, and provide any support you need

Rhapsody review

Our VP of Veterinary Products, Kim, gets to know you and your practice 

Discuss your current programs, including software and references labs

Go through the software and discuss how rhapsody meets your needs

Plan next stages so you and the platform are prepared once you’re live

We begin data migration

Using our custom migration engine, we prepare the catalog for you to explore rhapsody with some of your own data 

All you do is install the Migration Wizard to provide access to your data

The rest is on us. We help you run the Migration Wizard and import some of your basic data and prices into the rhapsody play environment 

Play with rhapsody

Play with rhapsody using your own data, including clients, patients, appointments, reminders, medical history, and users 

If you get stuck at any point, we provide you with resources like the built-in chat or the self-guided tutorials in Rhapsody University 

And, of course, your account manager is always ready to help

You choose rhapsody

Love rhapsody? We thought so. It’s time to make things official. Katie sends you the service agreement via DocuSign

Set up Rhapsody Pay

Rhapsody Pay is your mobile payment solution. Rhapsody’s cost is incorporated into Rhapsody Pay, so they work symbiotically 

Fill out the merchant application to set up Rhapsody Pay

Once it’s processed, we send you a Rhapsody Pay terminal(s) to set up 

Set up a Go Live! schedule

We set up a Go Live! schedule for the final stage of the onboarding process


Go live!

We continue to migrate your data

Your focus is on completing training and reviewing the migration process with your account manager

We prepare your data for actual use by running it through The Matcher to convert it into rhapsody’s format, match it against our global catalog, and categorize it

We review any gaps or major changes with you before beginning to import the data into your rhapsody account 

Complete set up

We create your practice’s Go Live! account and complete set up so your entire team transitions smoothly by the Go Live! date 

Team training

Your migration manager sets up training for the entire team including reception, veterinarians, techs, and administrators

We finish migrating your data

Once the bulk of your data is migrated, we update you on our progress and discuss any potential issues. Let us know of any questions or concerns

To finish up, we import your most recent data, run a final check, and a put the finishing touches on your rhapsody account 

Go Live! You're all set



We're here as you transition

You are partnered with an Account Manager to support your success

Depending on how you and your team feel, we’re ready to set up regular meetings and schedule additional training sessions

Keep calm

Adjusting to a new platform takes time so stay patient and contact your account manager with any questions 

Onboarding cheat sheet

As you go through this process, there are some faces and terms that might pop up every now and again. Keep this on hand to consult.



Service agreement 

Merchant analysis

A comparison of your current merchant costs and rhapsody

Rhapsody Review

Regular meetings for migration updates, document review, training set up, and to answer any questions

Ready to play

You’re ready to try rhapsody with a sample of your own data

Price list

This includes codes, prices, service names, lab tests, and inventory items.

Migration Wizard

This is your part of the migration software to install on your computer

The Matcher

This is our part of the migration software. It cleans, matches, and categorizes your data

Merchant application form

The form you fill out to register for payment and a Rhapsody Pay terminal

Rhapsody Pay terminal

The hand-held device to process payments

Go Live! schedule

A projected plan of tasks and dates leading up to active use

Go Live! date

The projected date you will actively use rhapsody

Actively using

100% active rhapsody user

Who's who: customer support team

Katie Huneke, VP of Sales - rhapsody
Katie Huneke
VP of Sales
Kim Fish, VP of Veterinary Strategy - rhapsody
Kim Fish
VP of Veterinary Product
Kristina Guldbrand, Director of Operations - rhaposdy
Kristina Guldbrand
Customer Success Manager
Ashley Perez, Head of Customer Support - rhapsody
Ashley Perez
Account Manager
Lucy Hurlock, VMD Candidate, rhapsody guru
Lucy Hurlock
Migration Manager