COVID-19 Survival Guide for Veterinary Practices

The COVID-19 Survival Guide for Every Veterinary Practice

As you may have heard, these are unprecedented times. Even as restrictions will begin to lift around the country, we urge you to remain cautious and to respect the uncertainty many continue to feel. 

It’s never too late to implement some positive changes around your practice. Let’s get started!

Change the where

Take your practice curb side

Enforce a pet only policy and keep clients in the car (just roll the window down)

Work from home

If your software allows for remote work, keep some, or all, staff at home

Switch to telehealth appointments so patients still get the care they need

Hit the road

Pack it up and treat patients on house calls instead

Safety first

Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene

  • Encourage basic and precautionary hygiene
  • Set out additional hand sanitizer containers
  • Post informational notices around the practice

Prepare for patients with sick pet parents

  • Wear PPE at all times and bathe patients at intake
  • If hospitalizing, use isolation wards and restrict visitors

Avoid sharing stationary and handling cash

Limit in-person payment

  • Enable digital signatures
  • Venmo and PayPal are great alternatives

Be as paperless as possible

  • Make digital copies of paperwork and send to clients in advance
  • Use electronic SOAPs and EMRs to avoid physical notes and paperwork

Social distance like a champ

  • Implement alternative check-in, scheduling, and payment methods
  • Rotate staff to reduce people in the office
  • Implement pet pick up and drop off in the parking lot
  • Stay open for essential appointments only
Charge for extra services

Additional safety measures 

Your staff is risking their health coming into work and clients know it. If a patient requires additional precautionsit’s OK to charge for it 

Accommodate extenuating circumstances 

Help pets, gain client trust, and keep the team working? Check. 

  • Home visits 
  • Prescription delivery 
  • Medical boarding 
  • Medical grooming 
  • Virtual training and behavior appointments 

Take it online 

If you’re offering virtual appointments, make sure to charge accordingly 

Take care of your team

Flexible policies 

  • Help your team feel safe with an amended sick leave policy 
  • Prepare for the worst. Set protocols in case of a sick client or team member 

Gear up 

  • Provide disposable receptacles 
  • Wear extra PPE around patients with sick pet parents 

Boost that team spirit 

  • Check in on team members to make sure they’re feeling OK 
  • Have fun with team bonding activities, either virtual or from a distance 
Retain client loyalty

Keep it consistent 

Any content, any platform. Make sure your clients hear from you regularly 

Keep it varied 

Social media, texting, email, even snail mail. There are tons of inexpensive platforms out there. Get out there and start communicating 

Keep it reassuring 

Emotions run high with so much uncertainty. Check in, get them the facts, give some at-home pet tips, and serve a bit of comic relief. Just hearing from you shows you care 

Keep it informative 


You’re the expert, so clients naturally turn to you for advice. Focus on what you know and link clients to reputable sources 

Office 411 

All the changes around the practice are for the clients, so tell them what’s happening 

Update them on policy changes and any additional services 

Stay informed

From the industry

State-level information GO

COVID-19 and animals from the CDC GO

From VetPartners GO

From Veteos (free video pack to educate clients) GO

From the AVMA  GO

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