Got problems? We’ve got the solutions

Managing a practice is hard. Rhapsody makes it easy. Our team of veterinary experts understands the issues you face regularly and crafts solutions to fix them. 


Reception is always backed up because of messy schedulers and chaotic check-ins


Transform reception with a sleek scheduler and client self check-in

Solution Reception

Pick your view 

  • Drown out the noise by choosing your workday view 
  • Keep a bird’s-eye view on the practice 
  • Filter by appointment type, team schedule, or specific team member  

All the action from one spot 

  • Launch the Kiosk 
  • Email telehealth visit details
  • Begin the SOAP 
  • Make appointment changes 
  • Assign spaces through the scheduler  
  • Easy access to boarding, grooming, and all other appointments 

Focus on the highlighted appointments 

  • The system updates every patient’s status from arrival to checkout 
  • Rhapsody alerts you to delays of 15+ minutes 

Delegate check-in to clients 

  • Clients check in themselves with the Kiosk
  • Set up a standalone device at reception or email clients a check-in link  
  • Completed digital paperwork automatically saves to the SOAP 

Improve for the future 

  • Use Reporting to monitor practice workflow and activity 
  • Become more efficient and keep clients happy 

With my software's payment solution, charge capture is spotty at best


Total charge capture with a comprehensive & mobile solution

Solution Payment

Set up prices 

  • Assign prices to items in the catalog 
  • Create bundles so you always charge for every service 

Control payments in the SOAP 

  • Customize estimates auto-generated by the SOAP 
  • Send invoices to the Rhapsody Pay terminal 
  • The SOAP and patient record are automatically updated when payments are processed 

Stay transparent 

  • Clients accept or decline every invoice item before payment 
  • Email estimates and invoices to clients directly from the SOAP 
  • Review items with clients during the appointment to answer any questions 

Keep it moving with portable terminals 

  • Process payments anywhere, including over the phone to free up reception and to give clients privacy 
  • Store client payment details in rhapsody for a quicker checkout 
  • Collect digital signatures right on the spot 

As a practice admin, my software makes it difficult to take charge


Take full control of practice settings

Solution Administration

Set up the catalog 

  • Assign a price to every item 
  • Group items into bundles for quick estimates 
  • Activate items for specific conditions like appointment or patient type

Team access 

  • Set permissions for every role and adjust on an individual basis 
  • Lock parts of the system to restrict after-hour employee access 

Set up digital documents 

  • Create templates for standard communication 
  • Draft intake paperwork and set parameters like age, breed, and appointment type 

Track performance and optimize workflows

Use the built-in reports to track charges, discounts, declined items, and average revenue by doctor 


Getting my staff any support is daunting and expensive


Reduce costs with thorough and cost-effective support, migration, and training

Solution support

Sleek interface that’s a breeze to navigate 

  • We’re here for you every step of the way, but it helps that rhapsody is also insanely easy to use 
  • Everything you need is accessible on one screen 
  • Complete every task in just a few quick clicks 

We migrate all your data 

  • When we migrate your data, we do a deep clean 
  • We assess what you actually need and use 
  • We convert your data into a global catalog that builds on AAHA standards 

We train your whole team into rhapsody superstars 

  • You’re partnered with a dedicated account manager for guidance 
  • We bring every team member up to speed with customized training 
  • Rhapsody University provides self-study tools like FAQs and videos 

We support you to infinity and beyond 

  • Your account manager is here to stay as long as you’re with rhapsody 
  • Training is always available as a refresher or for new team members
  • We’re also ready to answer any questions through the built-in chat

My veterinary software anchors me to my office computer and file cabinet


Work effortlessly and travel light

Solution Cloud

Choose the location. Choose the device 

  • We live on the cloud, so where and how you work is up to you 
  • Access rhapsody on a tablet, phone, or laptop 

It’s painless to be paperless 

  • Everything including patient historypayments, prescriptions, and paperwork is digital 
  • We keep it all updated and accurate by auto-populating across the platform 

One log-in for everything 

Access reporting, integrations, and all your practices with one log-in 


Either I suffer with my PIMS' limited reporting, or I pay way too much for a third-party solution


Track performance with built-in readable reports & beautiful visualizations

Petabyte Analytics screenshot of dashboard

Usable data immediately 

  • We migrate your data into a normalized catalog of built-in codes 
  • It’s updated in real time to help you keep an accurate picture 

Built-in dashboards ready to analyze 

  • Our built-in reporting tool is completely free
  • Over a dozen reports with charts and graphs to visually display performance 
  • Filter by time period, doctor, or appointment type 
  • Download reports in multiple formats 

Practice groups customize their reports 

Analysts build data vizcreate dashboards, and schedule emailed reports