Veterinary Software Solutions to COVID-19

rhapsody Veterinary Solutions to COVID-19 Problems


I pay a lot for my veterinary software, but I have fewer patients and I'm not even in the office


Only pay us when you're paid

Get more bang for your buck

Rhapsody’s cost is incorporated into our merchant services. Just pay a single fee for card transactions and that’s it!

Everything else is included

  • The entire platform
  • Onboarding
  • Unlimited support
  • IT support and data storage

Our pricing plan offers modifications

  • Recoup card processing costs by adding a service fee to every client invoice
  • Enable card not present checkout by safely storing client information (additional monthly fee)

Everything is done through a single surface

  • Reduce germ transmission by eliminating credit card vectors and stationary sharing
  • Alternatively, complete payment over the phone and eliminate a communal surface altogether

My PIMS runs on a server, so my practice is only accessible from an office computer


Get flexible with cloud software

Practice anywhere

On the cloud, the world is your oyster. Work from home on your laptop or practice curb side on your tablet. It’s all up to you! 

Control everything

  • Set up team access from the parking lot
  • Manage the schedule from bed
  • Activate check-in links for clients to fill out paperwork from the car

Pocket rhapsody

You need two things: your log-in details and any device



I've never practiced outside the office before, so I don't have the right tools


Practice anywhere, any time, on any device​

Choose your device

Pick up exactly where you stopped using any tablet, phone, or laptop

Travel light

Since rhapsody is all digital, no matter where you set up shop, everything from patient history to paperwork is available to view, process, create, and share

Schedule easily

Even if you’re unable to sit at reception, integrated scheduling lets you keep track of what’s happening from anywhere

Clients check themselves in

  • Clients check in and fill out digital paperwork themselves on the Kiosk
  • Send a check-in link or set up a standalone device outside the office
  • The SOAP, patient record, and schedule are automatically updated

Online scheduling

Add a scheduling widget to your website for clients to book and manage appointments from home


Social distancing is difficult with so many communal surfaces


Eliminate stationary and extra screens

Do it all in rhapsody

Everything is in one place so you only need to disinfect a few screens

Integrated mobile payments

  • Clients pay over the phone or with hand-held terminals
  • Enable card not present transactions so clients just sign and go
  • Check out in the exam room or curb side to avoid crowded lobbies

Digital documents, digital signatures, digital everything

  • Maintain a paperless practice, including paperwork, medical records, and prescriptions
  • Clients sign everything digitally
  • Email anything directly from the platform
  • Attach intake paperwork for clients to fill out at check-in

The telehealth solutions I try don’t sync with my software


Go virtual with integrated telehealth

Ready for you

  • Five extra appointment types for new and returning patients
  • Online scheduling accommodates telehealth appointments
  • Email auto-generated instructions, meeting invite, and check-in link

Remote client check-in

  • Send clients a link to check in from their phones
  • Attach intake paperwork and forms to review, fill out, and sign digitally

Easily communicate with clients

  • Send digital estimates and invoices during the appointment
  • Send auto-generated visit summaries after the appointment
  • Attach prescriptions and any other digital documents
  • Draft emails in advance with built-in templates

Boop (Summer 2020)

  • A mobile app for pet parents to engage with their veterinary practices
  • Integrates directly with rhapsody
  • Provides telehealth solutions, record sharing, and more