Veterinary Practice Data Migration Process

Veterinary Data Migration with rhapsody

So you’ve decided you like rhapsody! Time to prepare your data for rhapsody

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Our data migration process is different

We take care of the hard stuff behind the scenes by using our custom migration engine to clean, sort, and transform your data. Best of all, it’s quick and painless for you!


Our process

We transform all your data into usable information

We normalize your data into a global catalog of codes, procedures, lab tests, and drugs that follows AAHA and AVMA standards. 

In other words, we clean it up and make it presentable so it’s easy to turn your data into meaningful action from day one.

We built a migration engine to get the most from your data

Migration Wizard

This is your part of the migration software. Install it on your computer to help us access your PIMS data. 

The Matcher

This is our part of the migration software. The Matcher cleans, categorizes, and matches your data against our global catalog.

What do we support?


We’re constantly expanding our list. Reach out even if your PIMS isn’t listed and we’ll work something out.


Though it varies PIMS to PIMS, we strive to migrate ALL your data.

What to expect

We break down data migration step by step to help you understand your own role, as well as what happens behind the scenes.

Set up

Rhapsody Review

We use this time to get to know you and your practice. We review your current programs and references labs, discuss how rhapsody will fit your needs, and schedule training.   

Install the Migration Wizard

Install the Migration Wizard on your computer (we’re here to help). We use it to transfer your data into rhapsody’s play environment.

Provide us with a price list

Provide us with your active prices which we match to your data.

We migrate your data

Ready to play? Data migration begins

We use the Migration Wizard to take a sample of your basic data and import it into the rhapsody play environment. 

At this stage, we’re setting up rhapsody with just some of your data. It’s not a complete import, so many items are missing.

Joined rhapsody? We continue data migration

We prepare your data for actual use.

  1. Run the Matcher to clean and format your data to rhapsody.
  2. Match data to our global list of procedures, lab tests, and drugs.
  3. Map breeds and species data to at least 80 percent coverage.
  4. Categorize your database and identify any issues for review.
  5. Begin to import data into your official rhapsody account. 
We finish up

Rhapsody review

We update you on our progress and address any potential issues.

Together, we review the platform and address any of your concerns.

Complete data migration

We put the finishing touches on your rhapsody account.

  1. Update your data based on the Rhapsody Review.
  2. Import the most current patient, appointment, and client data into your account.
  3. Run a final check to confirm everything is ready to go.