How much does rhapsody cost?

Our pricing model is different

Only pay two fees with rhapsody

Pay a one-time migration charge 

We use our custom migration engine to clean, sort, and transform your data into a global catalog that follows AAHA and AVMA standards.

Pay for merchant services

Rhapsody Pay is a fully integrated, mobile, and secure platform that powers your practice’s card processing. 

Rhapsody Pay incorporates your software costs, so we only charge a flat-rate transaction fee every time you process a card payment. 

Most practices save money with us. Every practice gets better software.

Rhapsody pay

Why is it better?

All active users get a modern platform and all-inclusive experience in exchange for using our merchant services

Rhapsody includes everything you need and reduces overhead costs

The entire platform, onboarding, extensive training, and unlimited support

Rhapsody lives on the cloud

Don’t pay maintenance and data fees

Rhapsody grows with you

Don’t pay more for new hires and acquired practices

Rhapsody charges one fee only

Don’t pay surprise costs and surprise fees

Rhapsody comes with a mobile payment solution

Do pay a competitive payment processing fee (and nothing else)


One-time fee

$300 per payment terminal (A-60) 

$1K for data migration

Flat-rate transaction fees

Credit card – 2.69%

Check card – 1.79%

Debit card – 1.39%

Optional modifications

Rhapsody Pass

Add a service fee to every client card transaction so you recoup the price of card processing and spend a little less. You keep 70% of the incremental fee revenue.



Total service fee – 4%

Partial service fee – 2%

No service fee 0%

Rhapsody Go

Store client’s credit card information in our PCI-certified vault and enable card not present transactions in person, or over the phone. Clients just sign invoices and go without swiping, inserting, or tapping.