A guide to choosing your veterinary software

So, you're in the market for new veterinary software

We know what it’s like to choose a veterinary software because it’s the least-worst choice that most resembles what you’re already using. And we get it, there’s comfort in familiarity. But the least-worst choice usually means obscene prices for mediocre software. 

We know you want more. We know you deserve more. And we want you to know that settling for the least worst choice is no longer your only option.

First, let's redefine veterinary software

The industry limits veterinary software to a PIMS that operates as a glorified charge capture system that only covers basics like invoices, medical records, scheduling, and cataloging. But poor execution and missing capabilities force most practices to fill the gaps with additional software.

Remember, you want something new for a reason. And you won’t get where you’re going with more of the same.

The rhapsody dictionary

Veterinary software


The ultimate veterinary practice sidekick. It works silently behind the scenes to maintain an efficient foundation and a solid support system that puts quality pet care first. 

What should veterinary software include? All of it.

Next, ask the right questions

When choosing new software, you need to consider what you need and whether you’ll get it from a particular platform. Keep these questions on hand to guide you.

Is it easy to use?

Does it help me engage with clients?

Does it streamline my workday?

Does it give me control?

Does it eliminate third-party solutions

Does it reduce my overhead costs?

Does it optimize pricing and inventory?

Does it prepare me for the future?

Does it put me first?

Does it fuel revenue growth?

Looking for veterinary software to shoulder some of the burden?​

Not to toot our own horn, but rhapsody goes above and beyond this criteria. It is a cost-efficient and all-inclusive platform built to meet your current needs and evolve with your future goals. 

Check out how we’ll transform your practice now!