22 things to get excited about for 2022

22 things to get excited about for 2022

New year, new you. Ring in the new year in style with veterinary software so sleek, so modern, so powerful, you’ll never look back.

Become a smooth [practice] operator with proprietary platforms & features

Two new platforms

1. boop

#1 Boop

An all-in-one digital practice companion & client engagement portal. Total two-way integration keeps your team and your clients all on the same page. 

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petabyte analytics

#2 Petabyte Analytics

A one-stop shop for growing your business and improving pet care. All your data is consolidated in one place and visualized with built-in dashboards that feature analytics like you’ve never seen before.

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Client engagement

Boop for clients

#3 Boop for clients

Clients can update health records, pay invoices, track Boop Plans, and manage medications. And you can oversee everything, from the medicine to the relationship

Subscribe and save

#4 Boop Wellness & Boop Subscribe-and-Save

Both Boop Wellness and Boop Subscribe-and-Save are set up, customized, and maintained by you in rhapsody and managed by pet parents in the Boop app. Minimum hassle for you and the client. Maximum care for the pets.


#5 Communications

All your conversations (emails, chats, calls, and texts) are streamlined into one inbox and accessible in the patient record. All appointment confirmations & appointment reminders are added to your schedule, the client’s personal calendar, and the patient record.


#6 Tasks

Assign tasks to staff on the digital treatment board or to pet parents in the client-facing app. Any changes are updated across the platform for a seamless experience behind the scenes and in the exam room.


Marketplace nad integrations

#7 Marketplace

Explore the third-party integrations built into rhapsody and check out rhapsody’s Marketplace for more add-ons. Have a preferred provider or need a specialized integration? Select and connect instantly through rhapsody’s marketplace.

Streamlined workflows

treatment sheet

#8 Digital treatment sheet/whiteboard

Assign tasks and track treatment in the digital whiteboard.

to do lists

#9 To-do lists

Track your team’s day to day by creating to-do lists. 

#10 Customizable dashboard

Customize your dashboard to house all your day-to-day essentials.
process payments

#11 Process payments

Process payments with a portable device or remotely via email, text, or phone.

Data & analytics


#12 Migration

We built our own migration engine to clean, process, and transform your data as quickly as possible. Our record is 48 hours. 

#13 Reports

Track performance with spectacular built-in visualizations and reports created with standardized data.


Petabyte analytics

#14 Petabyte Analytics for all

Petabyte Analytics works with rhapsody, as a standalone platform, or as a licensed service.

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Get involved

#15 Rhapsody Users Facebook Group

Connect with other rhapsody users to share tips & tricks, ask questions, & chat about all things rhapsody.  


Rhapsody University

#16 Rhapsody University

Become a rhapsody expert through FAQs & video tutorials


#17 Webinars

Monthly webinars are coming your way in 2022! We’ll go in-depth on platform updates, new features, and best practices to help you make the most of rhapsody.

Chat about tech in the vet space

Petabyte Consortium

#18 Petabyte Consortium

The Petabyte Consortium is designed to leverage cross-industry collaboration to build an independent platform focused on improving the lives of veterinary teams as well as the patients and pet parents they serve. 

Vet think lab

#19 Podcast + vetThinkLab

vetThinkLab: The Series focuses on industry hot topics and how rhapsody is working on building a better vet space.

Keep the conversation going! Follow up on podcast topics with a community of 500+ veterinary professionals. Have a different topic in mind? Start the discussion!



#20 Plus other content

We’ve also got blogs, social, newsletters and more coming your way every month.

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We're in your corner!

#21 Our team

Our team of vet & tech experts is growing, which means you’ve got a bigger & stronger team in your corner to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

#22 It’s about YOU!

Your team. Your clients. Your pets.

Everything we do is to help you care for pets & grow your business as smoothly and effectively as possible. We’re here for you from onboarding for as long as you’re using rhapsody.


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