21 Ways rhapsody Vet Software Will Shape 2021

21 Ways rhapsody Vet Software Will Shape Your 2021

Haven't you heard? Your PIMS is so 2020

New year, new you. Ring in the new year in style with veterinary software so sleek, so modern, so powerful, you’ll never look back.

Face challenges (like a pandemic) with an all-in-one survival kit

improve and grow your vet business with rhapsody built in reports, normalized data, analytics and cloud based access

#1 Completely digital

The entire platform is paperless, including electronic records, auto-populated fields, and totally clickable workflows. 

#2 Seamless curbside

Rhapsody integrates curbside directly with your software so neither your team nor your clients notice a shift in quality of care. 
  • The Kiosk and online scheduling moves check-in from your lobby to the client’s phone
  • Pull rhapsody up on your tablet so the SOAP is open when you pick up a patient
  • Chat with clients in the SOAP
  • Process payments with a portable terminal

#3 Mobile payment processing

Be accurate, consistent, and quick with every payment. Rhapsody Pay improves the payment experience for both you and your clients by smoothly powering your practice’s card processing with a fully integrated mobile solution. 

#4 Embedded telehealth

Telehealth features are integrated directly into rhapsody so you’re able to offer telehealth appointments to schedule and SOAP from anywhere.

Improve and grow your business

improve and grow your vet business with rhapsody built in reports, normalized data, analytics and cloud based access

#5 Built in reports

Track performance with readable reports and beautiful visualizations built right into the platform.

#6 One login for every location

We live on the cloud, so whether you’re at home or at a different location, all you need are your log-in details and any phone, tablet, or computer.

#7 standalone analytics tool

Rhapsody Analytics consolidates and standardizes all of your data so it’s actually usable. Use it with your existing PIMS or switch to rhapsody to make the most of your data.

#8 Normalized data

Data migration starts with a deep clean to get a clear picture of active and useful data. The data is mapped against rhapsody’s global inventory catalog using AAHA and AVMA standards. This keeps your data organized, contained, and easily maintained.  

Practice better medicine

rhapsody practice better medicine vet SOAP screenshots

#9 Comprehensive SOAP

Our SOAP is way more than your average SOAP. It smoothly combines every step of the exam workflow on one one screen for faster and more accurate exams.

#10 Up-to-date medical records

Our patient records are completely paperless and automatically updated with information from the SOAP and the Kiosk.

#11 Digital prescriptions

Write prescriptions more efficiently. Fill out, sign, and send (to the printer, email to the client, or submit directly to the pharmacy) the Rx right in rhapsody.

Run a smooth operation behind the scenes

rhapsody runs smoothly with digital whiteboard and automated scheduler

#12 Digital whiteboard and tasks

Keep a bird’s-eye view of the practice. 

  • Manage treatment plans
  • Create tasks through the Whiteboard or a SOAP
  • Assign team members and set deadlines
  • Track active tasks

#13 Automated scheduler

Manage the schedule, launch the Kiosk, and begin a SOAP all from one place

Filter by appointment type, team schedule, or specific team member

The system automatically updated appointment status and highlights what’s important

#14 Inventory

Set and track all items and related information. 

  • For a speedy SOAP, just search through the inventory and select what you need
  • Create pre-fixed menus with set prices for specific appointments and services
  • Manage the inventory with the built-in reports

#15 Roles & permissions

Assign team members specific roles, accessibility, and shift hours. Additionally monitor your team’s schedules by activating the clock in/clock out feature

Keep clients happy and patients healthy

rhapsody keeps vet clients happy with communication hub, easy sharing and digital customer forms

#16 Communication hub

Email, text, and log phone calls with clients all in one place. Start a new conversation directly in the Inbox or from the patient’s timeline.

#17 Easy sharing

Edit, then email auto-generated visit summaries. Additionally share patient medical records with the client or with other doctors right in rhapsody.

#18 Digital forms, signatures, and questionnaires 

Every document is electronic including forms, surveys, and paperwork.

  • Create templates for common paperwork 
  • Pre-configure patient intake paperwork so questions appear for the right patient at the right appointment

Clients sign everything digitally from consent forms to payments (as do you).

And, don't forget, you've got us in your corner

headshots of the rhapsody team
Our powerhouse team turns your needs into effective features

#19 Veterinary team

Our veterinary team applies a collective 129 years of industry experience to design a platform that improves quality of care and your work-life balance.

#20 Tech team

Our tech team brings that vision to life with fast-paced launches of new products and features.

We build with one thing in mind

#21 It's all about you

We are your support system from onboarding to your day-to-day. Our job is to listen to you and transform your needs into a platform that powers your practice behind the scenes so pet care takes center stage.